A Thing of Beauty

The horseless carriage was here to stay in Skidmore in 1912.  This front-page article from the May 23, 1912 New Era highlighted another new business in the busy town:

New Garage Opened

Mark Loucks opened up last week his new garage in the Dr. J. M. Hutt building, second door north of the Farmers Bank.  Mr. Loucks has just completed a course in a Kansas City automobile school of instruction and has fitted up a garage with all kinds of automobile supplies, oils, gasoline, etc.

In connection he has the agency in the three great Northwest counties in Missouri, Nodaway, Holt and Atchison, for the Marathon, the great Glidden Path Finder, and the successful contestant in the famous “Two Thousand Mile Without Change of Cars,” in the great Bristol-to-Memphis State Highway Meet of September 20, 1911, which started from in front of the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Tenn., on the then unheard-of test of motor cars.  The world knows the history of that triumphant tour which has forever made the Marathon “The Path Finder” over those almost impassible and mountainous roads, if roads they may be called at all.

Mr. Loucks received his first invoice of cars Friday.  It is a beautiful Fore Door Touring Car, Model L-30, with prestolite gas tank, Remy magneto, Model L Schriblar carburator, 34×3 1/2 Q. D. tires, 116 inch wheel base and enameled trimmings entirely.

On its arrival in Skidmore a large number of our automobile men gathered around it and all pronounced it “a thing of beauty and a joy forever.”

Business was good, it seems, because page one of the next week’s edition announced a sale:

H. W. Montgomery has purchased a five passenger Marathon touring car of Mark Loucks.  This car is certainly a fine car and for looks, comfort and running is hard to beat.  Mr. Montgomery has not received his car yet but in a short time we may expect to see him “joy riding” almost every evening.

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