A Swell Overcoat from 1902

If you’re in the market for a swell long overcoat, hop in your time machine and set the destination for the Barrett, Hitchcock and Montgomery store of Skidmore, Missouri on December 23, 1902. You’ll find bargains, as we see advertised on the front page of the Skidmore New Era on that date:

Illustrated ad shows a man in a top hat and suit wearing a "swell" long overcoat.  The ad is for the Barrett, Hitchcock and Montgomery store of Skidmore, Missouri in 1902.   Text follows.
Ad for swell overcoats at the Barrett, Hitchcock and Montgomery store in Skidmore, Missouri. Skidmore Standard, Dec. 23, 1902, p. 1.

The ad reads, “A swell long overcoat for $11. Don’t misjudge the garment because the price is low. You must feel the material, examine the workmanship, see the style and observe the value before you pass judgment on this stylish overcoat. The picture shows what a fashionable garment it is, but the artist’s pen cannot do the coat justice. They are good dressy coats for winter and we guarantee every one. If they are not just as we say they are you can have your money back; you are the judge and the jury. Ready to wear sack suits from $1.75 to $17.50. Here are points that enter into the making of these suits which prove that they are superior garments in many ways. The fabrics are all-wool cheviots, serges, worsteds and tweeds in new and exclusive patterns, also solid colors. The garments are cut, trimmed and tailored in the height of style — just like high-priced clothing as regards the style of the garments. They are good suits for those that want to dress well on a nominal outlay. Does such clothing appeal to you? Other departments. In our dry goods, shoes and grocery departments you will always find the best goods that money can buy, and we are selling them at such prices that you cannot help but save money.”

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