A Splendid Aid for House Cleaning, 1909

We admit to some puzzlement.  We can see how sewing machines and lawn mowers might be splendid aids for house cleaning, but we’re not sure how “Go Carts” fit into that picture.  On the other hand, we’ll admit to being less than expert when it comes to spring cleaning.  Helpful purchase suggestions from Jordan, Thomas & Co. of Skidmore, Missouri in the Skidmore New Era, April 15, 1909, page 7 (select to read):

Ad for Jordan, Thomas & Company. Text of ad follows.
A Splendid Aid for House Cleaning, from Jordan, Thomas & Co in the April 15, 1909 Skidmore New Era.

Text of ad reads, “A splendid aid for house cleaning. As housecleaning progresses and you find that new things are going to be needed, we want your thoughts to be of this store — when you think of new things we want you to think of Jordan, Thomas & Company. It’s the store at which your wants will be easiest supplied, and a handsome saving will be yours if you patronize this store. May we not be favored with a call? Special prices: Rugs (room size), $10.00 and up. Couches (guaranteed), $7.50 and up. Book Cases, $10.00 and up. Iron Beds, $2.00 and up. Dressers, $9.00 and up. Go Carts, $2.50 and up. Dining Room Chairs, set, $4.00 and up. Sewing machines, $12.00 and up. Oil stoves, $5.00 and up. Lawn mowers, $3.00 and up. See us and get our prices before buying. Perfection oil stoves, two and three burners. Call and see them at Jordan, Thomas & Company’s.”

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