A Second Newspaper

From the November 22, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

A New Paper.

There has been rumors of a new paper being started here soon, and a Standard representative started out to find what there was in them. The man who was supposed to be the most interested in the matter denied having anything to do with it, but said he would like to see a paper started.

It seems as thought the Standard has “builded better than it knew,” for we have worked hard to help the town grow so that it could or would support another paper, but we are not willing to stop at one more paper, we should always want another one.

Now as to the support another would get we can’t say. As far as the advertising is concerned, there are enough firms doing business to give two papers advertising patronage if they would, but that is the question, to advertise? or not to advertise? but most generally NOT.

Business that makes a success of advertising, in the cities, expend from two to three per cent of their receipts, and if the merchants of Skidmore would even use one per cent for advertising it would be lots more than they use for such purposes.

We appreciate the good will of all who have helped the Standard in the way of advertising and subscriptions and will try and make a better paper all the time. But we are not going to kick on another paper for if it will take hold and work for the town as hard as the Standard tries to, it will not be long before there will be room for two more papers.

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