A Practice Game

Some baseball fighting words from Dotham over a game in Skidmore, as published in the August 5, 1902 Skidmore Standard:

A Practice Game.

The following is from the Dotham correspondent to the Tarkio Avalanche:

“Skidmore’s base ball nine don’t seem to do anything by halves, so the Dotham boys say.  They simply hide out with all the gate receipts, whether they rightfully belong to them or not, and then have the audacity to write an iniquitous account in the paper.  I presume they are from Nodaway county and that accounts for it.”

The correspondent has reference to a practice game that was played on the Skidmore diamond a few Sundays ago by the Dotham and Skidmore boys, and if we understand the thing right it was the Dotham team that proposed a game just to get practice, and of course our boys accommodated them.  If the Dotham ball team wanted pay for practicing on the Skidmore ball ground they should have said so, however, if they are not satisfied they might make arrangements to play another game here and the winners take the gate receipts from both games.

The Sporting Editor.

Were they justified in their accusations, or were they just sore losers?  Here’s the account from the July 15, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Sunday’s Ball Game.

Last Sunday afternoon the Maryville ball team was to have played on the Skidmore diamond but for some unknown reason failed to make themselves known here, and a game was played by the Dotham and Skidmore teams.  The score was 20 to 6 in favor of Skidmore.  The game was anything but interesting, and with a few more like it, it will be a hard matter to get a crowd over to the diamond.  Skidmore citizens like to see a good game of ball, and will patronize such, but such games as the one Sunday will have to be “cut out.”

The Sporting Editor.


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