A Memorable Event

Like most parties reported in the Skidmore paper, this one featured excellent music and even more excellent food.  This one also included a family reunion.  From the January 9, 1913 Skidmore New Era, page 1:

A Memorable Event

On New Years day at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Teson were gathered friends and relatives to the number of thirty-three.  The occasion was a reunion of the Smock family and given in honor of Mrs. Elizabeth Pope, who just lately returned from an extended visit to Northern Nebraska.  The day was spent in a social good time, also some very excellent music was rendered by Mesdames Moody and Maurer, but the chief event of the day was the dinner to which all contributed.  It is customary to say the table groaned under the weight of good things but we find the English language does not contain words to fittingly describe the dinner.  The only thing which happened to mar the occasion was the fact that “Bud” Pope ate more than was good for the inner man, but are glad to say he is on the road to recovery.

Those attending from a distance were Mrs. Maurer and little son, Des Moines, Iowa; J. L. Pope, Battle Creek, Nebraska; Mrs. William Dyson, Bridgeport, Nebraska; and William Hammond, wife and baby from near Maryville.

All returned to their homes in the late evening feeling the day had been well spent and with many good resolutions for the New Year.  — One There.

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