A Mean Trick

That is a mean trick, indeed. Crime report from the August 10, 1900 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

A Mean Trick.

Mr. Joseph Sullivan, southwest of town, brought the first home-grown watermelons to town. He came in Saturday morning with some fairly nice ones which were unloaded at Sewell Bros. & Montgomery’s store. Mr. Sullivan said some parties stole several of his largest melons the night before. He had picked his melons late Friday evening and piled them in his yard so that he might get an early start to Skidmore the next morning; but while he slept, some mean fellows visited his pile of melons and carried away several of the best ones.

That is the way some people are built, though. They are not content to go to the patch and get melons even after another man has raised them; but want him to pick them and carry them out of the patch as well.

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