A little winter cynicism

For our friends who have tired of winter, we offer the following poetic gem from page 1 of the January 14, 1902 Skidmore Standard:

Winter Joys.
Unchained Poet.

Snow and sleet
Howling blizzards
In the air;
Roads blockaded,
Sidewalks, too;
Railroad trains
Are never due.

Filling coal stoves
Night and day,
Just to drive
Jack Frost away;
Freezing nights,
Instead of sleeping,
With the shivers
O’er you creeping.

Ice cold bedroom
Every morn,
That’s what makes you
Feel forlorn;
Starting fires
In the dark
Is another
Jolly lark.

Shoveling off
The soggy snow,
Makes your rheu-
Matiz ache so;
And you’re daily
Up a stump.
Thawing out
The frozen pump.

Little kidlet
On his skates,
Going forth
To tempt the Fates;
Crack, a gurgle —
Same old story —
One more kidlet
Gone to Glory.

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