A Handsome Maxwell Car from the Skidmore Garage

If one is to spend hard-earned money on an automobile, why not get a good-looking one?  From the Skidmore News, May 11, 1916, page 5:

Ad for the Maxwell car. Text of ad follows.
Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), May 11, 1916, page 5.

Ad reads, “Maxwell: A Handsome Car. When you pay several hundred dollars for an automobile, why not get a good looking one – one that you will be proud to own, proud to drive and proud to take your friends out in? Maxwell owners have a just pride in the handsome appearance of their automobile for Maxwell Motor Cars have the same attractive lines, the same graceful design as the higher priced types. In addition to good looks you want, of course, a reliable, sturdy and economical car. But there is no doubt in your mind on these points since the Maxwell a short time ago established the World’s Motor Non-Stop Mileage Record. Any car that can run continuously for 44 days and nights, averaging 500 miles per day — 22,000 miles in all and without once stopping the motor — is bound to be a well designed and well made car. Any car that can perform such a wonderful feat on average of one gallon of gasoline to every 22 miles is bound to be an economical ar. We have such confidence in the Maxwell car and the company behind it that we have staked our judgment and future on the ability of the car to make good for you. It will; we know it. All we want is a chance to prove it. Phone us today, while you have it in mind. Touring Car, $655. roadster, $635. Prices F. O. B. Detroit. J. F. Patton, Skidmore Garage, Distributor for Maxwell.”

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