A Good Dish of Ice Cream

We think more people would line up to be patrons of the arts if they knew their contribution both supported music and brought with it homemade cake and ice cream.  From the June 28, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

Ice Cream! at the Pinkston Lawn, Saturday afternoon and evening by the Manchester Band.

Too Good to Let Alone.

The Manchester Band gave their ice cream supper and band concert last Saturday evening as was announced in the two previous issues of the Standard, regardless of the rain which fell during the afternoon.  They moved their ice cream and tables across the street into the Hutt building and proceeded with the supper as though it had never rained.

The music furnished by the band was appreciated by a large crowd of listeners.  It was very evident, too, that their ice cream was considered excellent as the supply ran out long before the evening was half spent.  The receipts of the evening was $19.20.

The band has asked us to announce that they will serve ice cream and cake again next Saturday afternoon and evening.  It will be given on the Pinkston lawn providing the weather will permit, but if it should happen to rain it will be held in the Hutt building again.  So regardless of weather you are sure of a good dish of ice cream and as to its quality you all know that there is none made better.

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