A Close Call for the Chickens

We thought the weather around here caused us concern, but at least it hasn’t scared the chickens.  From the Skidmore Standard, August 19, 1902:

A Close Call for the Chickens.

Friday morning, just at the approach of the rain storm, lightning struck an apple tree in Geo. Beverlin’s yard and literally tore it to pieces.  It then ran along a clothes line across the yard and went down the clothes line post into the ground without doing any particular damage.

A number of chickens were roosting in a peach tree about ten feet from the tree that was struck and as soon as they recovered from their shock they let out some of the most pitiful squalls one ever heard.  Almost everybody in the west part of town was awakened by the clap of thunder which followed the stroke of lightning.  The number of lights to be seen all over town reminded us of the night we had the hot wind.

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