5000 Feet of Tissue Paper

Because everything is better with 5,000 feet of tissue paper festooning and 5,000 packages of confetti.  (Click the image to enlarge.)   We’re not so sure about the 1,000 horns.

Ad for Chadduck and Strickler, 1902. Text follows.
From the September 12, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1. Here’s to the biggest and best Skidmore Punkin Show.

Chadduck & Strickler’s Special Offerings for the Punkin Show. 5,000 feet of Tissue Paper Fistooning in Punkin Show colors for decoration. NONE BETTER. 5,000 Packages of Confetti for all lovers of fun for Carnival Night. 1,000 Horns Free. All we ask is “blow your horn for Chadduck & Strickler.” 500 Strange Faces in our windows. Come by and take a look, perhaps you may see a friend. They are all false. Wanted! 500 ladies, young or old, to register for the $10 bottle of perfume. All Free. Wanted! 5,000 people to come and hear the piano player during the Punkin Show. Many other new features. Everybody come and have a good time and make your headquarters at Chadduck & Strickler’s. Yours for the largest show Skidmore ever had, Chadduck & Strickler.

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