49 More Books for the Library

From the June 8, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Sunday School Class Contributes 49 Books.
Other Contributions Come in to Legion Library – Now Contains Nearly 300 Volumes.

Class No. 4 of the M. E. Sunday School, composed of girls between the ages of 16 and 20 years, has contributed 49 books to the Legion Library — and more books are expected from them. One members of the class said this week that she had more books to give, but hadn’t had time to get them ready.
There are doubtless other Sunday School classes that would be glad to contribute if the matter were only presented to them.

There are now nearly three hundred books in the Library, but they have not been catalogued. This will be done as soon as possible, and then the building will be kept open three afternoons each week, when the public will be able to check out books.

The Legion has some book shelves built, but books have come in faster than had been expected and more room must be provided for them. When the work of cataloguing starts it may be found that the shelves will not accommodate the number of books that have already been received, and it may be necessary to build more shelves at once. It is thought, however, that there will be sufficient shelf room for the books that are on hand at the present time. But it will be only a very short time until more will be necessary.

The Legion appreciates every donation to the library, however small. However, it is not the Legion alone that is benefitted, but the entire community.

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